Let's share ideas, resources, and energy to achieve more.
Let's be there for each other when we come up short.

Women networking in West Hartford with Connecticut State Representative Jillian Gilchrest.

Women networking in West Hartford with Connecticut State Representative Jillian Gilchrest.

What We'd Like to Achieve

  • Provide a forum for women to support, self promote, and exchange ideas with each other.

  • Create an environment to define and strive for our personal best.

  • To be a safety net when we come up short.

  • To tell stories in our own voices.

  • To cultivate leaders, followers, and everyone in between.

  • To keep it real.

I admit, I was skeptical and nervous that the Jamboree was going to be work, but it was a blast, just women talking and supporting one another.


What's a Jamboree? A Jam Program Jamboree is a hosted event for women to network, befriend, and share skills to offer and things that we need. It's to help ladies reach our full potential while we create a "modern village".

What should I bring to a Jamboree? Ideas, hustles, failures, stories, positive attitudes, senses of humor, open minds, frustrations, successes, business cards (if you have them!) and insecurities.....just come as you are. Bring a friend, or your mom!

What happens at a Jamboree? Meet new ladies and reconnect with existing contacts. We'll share what we need help with personally (i.e. interior design advice, personal organizer, babysitter, marital support, etc.) and professionally (i.e, resume writing help, personal coach, public speaking practice, etc.). We'll connect people with people and ideas. Oh, and we drink, eat, and laugh.

What's Jam & Drinks? A meet-up at a local eatery or drinkery to meet ladies, network, and grab a bite and drink of choice. Come as you are and stay as long as you'd like!

What do you offer besides Jamborees? Welcome to the ground floor of Jam Program! In addition to Jamborees and publishing a blog (because writing is fun), we're testing the market to determine what services and products are most valuable. Remember, it's our side hustle! Check back as we post new services to the menu.