Wink to your neighbor during Sprout

Sprout is when we honor the joy and anticipation of new possibilities. It’s when we get a few more drops of sun. And it happens to coincide with the thawing ground and longer days of early spring.

Every year, we hearty New Englanders bear down for winter. This season of gray, bitingly cold days somehow seems longer than the other New England seasons. But the diverse four seasons – all the same length of time - make this place home.

This very well may be high Sprout.

This very well may be high Sprout.

When we set our clocks ahead, the days elongate, and the green plants nudge up from the ground.

Sprout goes from April 11 through May 2, with high Sprout occurring on the most fabulous day. High Sprout occurs when there are noticeable green buds on the trees. Be looking for these little green gems, as they magically sprout overnight! On this day, you’ll hear people say, “Happy Sprout to you!”

The holiday starts on April 11, the birthday of the sunniest person I know, Michelle. We pour a glass of Chardonnay with two ice cubes (or apple juice) and toast “May the sun warm your shoulders!”

We wear sequined headbands or tank tops (aka “teeny tops”) and dance to music.

The holiday ends on May 2, the birthday of the second sunniest person I know, Emmeline. We wear sequined clothes or headbands and dance in tank tops (aka "teeny tops") to music. Upon the final note of the dance party, we bow to our friends, family, and neighbors and say, “May the music move you!”

There are no tangible gifts exchanged during Sprout, just shared appreciation for the gift of spring. You may see front doors decorated with suns made of wood, paper, or metal.

Sprout is when we honor new things to come, the sunny things we have all year, and the sparkle of life that is so apparent each spring.

-Shawna Kitzman